About Karma Bleu

We believe in the philosophy of Karma.

We strive to have as much positive impact as possible because we believe that every action we take anywhere, any time and in any way will return to us one day.

We want to design every single product we produce and make sure that the production processes do not harm human and nature and we strive every day to be the best in this field.

From design to production and even packaging, wherever the name Karma is mentioned; we want to feel the respect and love we feel for the world, people, animals, plants, thoughts and different perspectives.

We care about the world we live in, so we call it sustainable production to the end. Because as much as we respect life, we believe that the Karma brand will live for many years.

We designed Karma as a very special brand. We wanted it to look like no other brand from production to design. For example, we produce life-respecting and sustainable production. We do not use even the product information labels of each brand, in order to use less paper, instead of redirecting the QR code, which is a more technological solution.

Even if it raises our costs and workload, we say no to anything that doesn't fit our philosophy.

We say no to fast consumption.

We make sustainable production. We want to avoid further harm to nature.

We investigate the most ecological of each material and take care to use it.

In fact, some of our jeans we used fabrics made entirely of natural coffee and pineapple.

In our designs, we redefine the "basic" discourse and make mixed-language designs.

In short, unlike traditional production techniques, we try to use the latest, most technological and most ecological production models and environmentally friendly alternative sources.

There's a lot we believe in Karma. Discover us on our products, on our website, on our social media accounts. The more you discover, the more you will love, the more special you will feel. We believe you'il love Karma.

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