About Collection

- We designed Blue Dreams collection with inspiration from blue and denim. Denim fabric is very open to innovation due to its structure and characteristics, but it is a fabric that has no limits on creativity, so we considered denim fabric as a Canvas and created a creative and functional collection. At the center of the collection are sustainability, ethical production and ecological themes. Karma Bleu has created this collection with the desire to prove that it can be both a sustainable and an ecological brand, because its sustainable and ecological definitions evoke a simpler and colorless world, and we wanted to demolish it to show that it can be both fashionable and sustainable.
- Blue Dreams was a collection that we dreamed of the future of fashion because we think fashion should be more accountable, more responsible and innovative . We imagine that in the future, alternative fabrics with less impact on nature will be used instead of traditional fabrics. Therefore, we used Pinatexi , an alternative fabric for leather in this collection . Pinatex fabric is a fabric obtained from pineapple pulp and leaves. In addition, SCafe , another fabric which also has the idea of recycling, was processed into coffee fabric by processing of coffee residues. In our collection we made jeans using the fabric made of coffee .
- Since we consider the concept of sustainability more holistically, we did not want to use the philosophy of sustainability in a single aspect and in a single field. We wanted to be sustainable in every aspect of the product, so every product from the accessories we use to the yarn is certified and produced from recycled or natural materials. We used the machines of Jeanologia brand in order to measure and compare our production process and we analyzed and measured all our washing processes with number values. The entire collection is produced with low EIM scores , ie using the least water, the least energy and the least labor.
- In a small part of the collection, organic washes were made using completely organic fabrics. Other than the organic chemicals approved by GOTS, no chemicals were used and color bleaching processes were carried out using ozone technology instead of chemicals such as permanganate and hypo . The accessories of these organic products are also ecological and certified.