Kra Fashion Textile Company was founded by Kübra Akbalık in 2018 as a company that produces and develops brands in the field of sustainable, ethical and ecological fashion.

Kübra Akbalık, Founder of the company and Karma Bleu brand , was born on August 21, 1994.

Kübra Akbalık, founder of the Karma Bleu brand, was born on August 21, 1994. FMV private Ayazağa Light Middle School and High School after completing his education at a higher average with a double major in International Relations and Business Department at Koç University as a scholarship student has graduated. He also completed a specialization program in Political Economy at Koç University. In 2016, she completed the International Law Certificate Program at SOAS University in London. During his education, he attended various programs and received certificates at Istanbul Fashion Academy. She has certificates and competencies in the fields of Family Businesses, Young Leaders in Family Businesses, Global Political Economy, Fashion and Culture, Fashion History, Entrepreneurship, Sustainability in Fashion and Fashion Law. After completing his summer internship at Ernst & Young Audit Company in 2016, he started to work in various departments of Özak Global Holding, a family company. After working for a year, he founded his own company, K RA Fashion Textile Industry and Trade Limited Company, has had mixed Bleu is jean brand to life. Production at the family-owned company, one of the textile and construction in ÖZAK wants to advance in the field of sustainable and ethical production is becoming one of the few brands in Turkey. 6 months also perform micro exports to Europe to make its own e-commerce sales in Turkey over the site.